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My coaching path started as a midwife. Deb-Cohen-HeadshotI love the metaphor. A doctor delivers the baby… a midwife guides the mother to deliver the baby. Your life is your baby and I am the coach for you to fulfill your goals and dreams. It IS possible for you to take life to the next level. If you are already highly successful and ready to pursue a higher level… or…. to have what it is you have been putting off, procrastinating, feel stuck in ever accomplishing – you can! With 30+ years experience, I have coached countless people to make the change they want in their lives.

A Registered Nurse with a Masters of Science in Community Health Nursing, my thesis project was to support a family in developing a Menarche ritual of passage for their 13 year old daughter. I have since coached many populations from families, birthing mothers, eating disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, people losing weight and dealing with health issues, diabetes, hypertension, depression, making a career change, difficult relationships, expanding their business, publishing books, rekindling their creativity, finding spiritual fulfillment, exploring the adventure/fear of retirment…and more.

My joy, for the last 13 years, was in coaching individuals and large groups for Landmark Education, an international personal growth and development organization.  As a Seminar Leader for this cutting edge enterprise in the human potential movement, I led seminars on such topics as: Creating Happiness, Success, Invented Life, Living Powerfully, Living Passionately, Relationships, Money. I continue to highly recommend Landmark courses and take them myself, as well as assist as a “super coach”. In conjunction with private personal coaching, this can be a powerful boost to your life goals.

30 years experience in Psychiatric and Behavioral Health as a Case Manager, Nurse Educator and Group Psychotherapist in hospital nursing as well as Home Care – gives you a double deal!  I am able to ascertain when a problem is truly a clinical issue that needs to be addressed by a physician or other health care provider, or if this is something that will benefit from coaching. Coaching is not a substitute for medical care if necessary… it is a welcome “addition to”.

Another bonus is 40 years in alternative and holistic healing modalities.  At D’Youville College I developed and administered a project funded by a National Institute of Health grant to teach nursing students and patients Therapeutic Touch, an energy field healing technique developed by nurses at New York University.   Additionally, highly experienced in private and public ritual, I continue a deep and abiding interest in the role of ritual in our lives.  I coach groups, families and individuals to develop and implement rituals of celebration, love, healing, and grieving.

An ongoing personal spiritual discipline gives my clinical and professional practice an extra depth.  I am passionate about my work and my play … living life to its fullest, in the moment, now. I am currently a student of Prem Rawat who teaches “Knowledge”.

My 94 year old Mom is my mentor and best friend.  My parents believed in integrity and making a difference.  They fought battles for our freedom in WWII, on the labor picket lines, and took stands against racism.  I honor them by who I am in the world.   My children and grandchildren live healthy, robust, fulfilled lives.  My extended family includes my ex-husband, his wife, all our mutual children.  A healthy family is what you create!

I bring expertise, experience, knowledge, caring, compassion and best… fun and creativity to your problems. While  your problems  may be serious…  they won’t be “problems” for long. They will soon occur as opportunities to grow and expand with grace, ease and perhaps even some playfulness.

I look forward to meeting you. Please call me for your free 30 minute initial consultation.  Together, we will see if we are a good fit.  As in any sport, the right coach makes the difference. This is your life. Play full out!