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First we have a free 15 minute consultation.  During this time we ascertain if I am the right fit for your goals.

Coaching is a package:  We set up times to speak by phone (or in person).  Fees are calculated by the hours of phone time.  Included in your hourly fee are “progress checks” by text, email, short phone calls, smoke signals :).  Yes, I am cheering you on from the sidelines as you take the steps you created! If you need a “booster” you are welcome to call for short bursts of empowerment.

Usually people find that in the beginning they need more time and later shorter phone calls get them up and running on the actions they designed.

Most people find that signing up for a month or two of coaching gives them the structure they need.   All the above is meant to be flexible… I love serendipity and spontaneity.

My fee is $100/ hour.

During this “grand opening” period, coaching will be $50/hour for a limited time.

Payment is by Paypal, check or cash.