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People ask me…  how do you stay so fit? healthy? vibrant? vital? happy? productive?
Thought you might like a peek at my current coaches….

LandmarkEducation:  My “living from what’s possible” coach. A great source for courses on personal transformation. I draw from this group for my own personal life coaches (other than my 94 year old mother who is my main coach!).  Join me at the Landmark Seminar Monday nights in Kingston New York.

HudsonValley Dance:  I love to sing, create art… but dance is like breathing. Dancing with another human being is a language of connection and relatedness like none other… added benefits, it keeps you moving, you listen to great music, keeps your brain young (learning new steps and moves!) and you can be fully expressed with costumes… ballroom, salsa, swing, zydeco… let’s go!

Lauren Warren, Certified Egoscue Coach:  My exercise coach.  Lauren and Egoscue  is what keep my 63 year old body in optimal shape, strong and vital!  Gentle exercises that keep you in alignment. Seems to me a combination of what is best from yoga, physical therapy, ballet, pilates… New Paltz, New York. 845 532 5253.

Lorraine Hughes, Registered Herbalist (AHG): My wellness coach. check out her website Lorraine reads my pulses, and with her vast knowledge base advises on diet, herbs, and more. She is a gem.

Optimum Health Institute: A place to detoxify physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My favorite.

BNI (Business Networking International): My business coach.  Motto: Giver’s gain. Yes, an organization that supports people in learning to give referrals of business to each other – in order to grow their own business!  Join me on Wed morning in New Paltz.

WOPG (Words of Peace), with Prem Rawat:  My spiritual coach. I have had different teachers over the years, currently Prem Rawat speaks to me.  The power of being present, living life now. My spiritual practice is important.

Amma: please, don’t miss at least one hug from this great mother.

Theosophical Society: Pumpkin Hollow Farm. A rich source of knowledge, and a wonderful place to attend Silent Retreat twice a year. Do check out anything they offer… but particularly don’t miss Stephan Hoeller if he is lecturing. Craryville, NY.

Terry Cohen: My legacy coach. My 94 year old mother is still going strong.  She stays active in her community creating projects that make a difference.  She is who I want to be like when I grow up.  If you want her coaching… I’ll ask special for you :).